Internet Advertising Competition

Online Video Campaign

January 29th, 2021

Prepared For: Judges of the Internet Advertising Competition

Prepared By: Oodle

University of Cincinnati Online: Brand Awareness Video

As part of a multi-channel, higher funnel marketing campaign we produced a brand awareness video to quickly highlight the benefits of UC Online, while drawing attention to the impact COVID was having (though not specifically naming it).

This video was part of our “Evolve” campaign. Using the word evolve was very important as we wanted to put a positive connotation on the idea of change and improving one’s self; while, simultaneously making it feel attainable.

The video had both 0:15 and 0:06 variations and was in both programmatic display and on social media.

Series Submission - Piece 1: UCO Brand Awareness 0:15 Widescreen

Series Submission - Piece 2: UCO Brand Awareness 0:15 Facebook/Instagram Story

Series Submission - Piece 3: UCO Brand Awareness 0:15 Social Video